Saturday, January 14, 2006

One call, four continents

This isn't going to be a post that enlightens, educates, or links to anything. This evening we had the first conference call sponsored by the Patty Duke Online Center for Mental Wellness.

We had initially intended to email the blog group and get a few people on the call to work out the kinks, understand how to use the conference call technology, and think through how to roll out a call series that would continue to shed light on mental health.

I figured if we announced it on Monday without too much fanfare we'd have a few folks who noticed and would join us to chat for a while.

I had no idea that we would hit 100 participants and that I'd have to institute a waiting list that grew bigger than I had conceived of.

We had people from the US, from Canada, from Australia, and yes, God bless her, we had an RSVP for the call from Mother Country Ireland!! Don't know if the nutty time difference found her on the call or not, but to get a response from four continents tells us the need, the desire, and the passion for information, support, and love on the topic of mental health and Bipolar in particular are huge.

Thank you everyone who participated in tonight's call!

I learned a lot, chief among the lessons is that I need to manage time better so that I don't have to rush the end of the call so as to avoid a cutoff! I apologize to those who might have thought the end was abrupt - you should know that the entire call was unscripted and raw and we'll try to give a little more notice next time!

Anyway, thanks to all who participated, and we are hoping to make this call, and all future calls, available to friends of the wellness center online. We have technical hurdles to overcome, but we're working on it, and I assure you that every media that becomes available Patty asks us to be sure to deploy the information out!

We welcome your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and OFFERS OF HELP WITH CONTENT with great relish.

Happy new year, thanks, and God Bless!