Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tips for for mental health over the holidays

By HILLARY RHODES, Associated Press (ASAP)
Copyright December 22, 2005
Link from Hampton Roads/PilotOnline

"MERRY Christmas. HAPPY Hanukkah. JOY to the world. JOLLY old Saint Nicholas. It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year.

Would the holiday cheer please just shut up for a moment? It's an awful lot of pressure.

The tremendously overwhelming demand for people suddenly to be festive during the darkest, coldest, most hectic, most stressful time of year is a bit much for many of us. It's not so easy to turn on the joy and jingle with the flip of a switch.

Experts say it's a myth that suicides are more common around the holidays. But for people already prone to mental illness, the season can be especially challenging."