Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Doctor has message of hope - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Photo of Dr. Beth Baxter from Rochester Democrat and Chronicle www.democratandchronicle.com

By Donna Jackel, Staff Writer

(October 4, 2005) — When Dr. Beth Baxter was a resident in psychiatry at the University of Rochester, she had to hide her own mental illness from her colleagues.

"I would be taking care of patients and feeling so bad about myself," said Baxter, 42, who will be speaking Wednesday at a sold-out lecture at the Rochester Academy of Medicine. Baxter, of Nashville, Tenn., is returning to Rochester with a message of recovery. About 10 years ago, she tried to cut open her arteries with a piece of sharp glass. She believes she was spared to help others and now does public speaking and writing about mental illness.